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HUD Green Retrofit Program

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As part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (Recovery Act), HUD's Office of Affordable Housing Preservation (OAHP) provides the Green Retrofit Program for Multifamily Housing with $250 million in grants and loans to eligible projects for the completion of green retrofits that improve the energy and water efficiency of the property, improve resident health, and benefit the environment. Our work for the HUD Green Retrofit Program has three primary components:


Energy Models, Recommendations and Audits as part of Green Property Condition Assessments (GPCAs)

Working on a team with KOW Building Consultants, Bright Power has performed site visits and energy audits for over 26 HUD Green Retrofit Program projects in New York, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Maryland and Alabama. These projects consist of moderate green rehabilitations with expenditures of approximately $15,000 per unit. The reports include results of energy modeling analysis and recommendations for energy savings measures, driven by our observations and analysis as well as financial implications and program guidelines. We have worked with KOW to incorporate the results of the Energy Audits into the larger GPCAs that drive investment decisions into the projects. After completion of a GPCA, we work with the building owner and HUD consultants to define an implementation plan.


Utility Consumption Analyses

The HUD Green Retrofit Program requires rigorous utility bill analysis to establish normalized energy consumption both before the retrofit and after project completion. Bright Power has completed Utility Consumption Baseline Analysis (pre-retrofit) on over twenty properties, reviewing the raw data to account for weather, vacancies, and incomplete bill histories using various regression and normalization techniques. We are under contract to perform similar analyses one year after project completion.


Feasibility Analysis and Specification of Solar PV Systems
Bright Power consulted Volunteers of America (VOA) on seven solar energy projects which were awarded Green Retrofit Program funds. Completing these projects required us to analyze building plans and energy bills to determine the appropriate solar PV system size for each site. Our specifications which were bid out to contractors. Projects locations include:

• Bayview Heights, Portland, ME (52 kW)
• High Pointe 1, Rochester, MN (34 kW)
• Laurel Gardens, Colorado Springs, CO (25 kW)
• Whispering Pines, Estacada, OR (57 kW)
• Les Chateaux North, St. Louis, MO (45 kW)
• Silver Lakes Village, Orlando, FL (200 kW)
• Northway Landing, Nacogdoches, TX (57 kW)


Rendering of PV Arracy at Bayview Heights, Portland, ME

Rendering of PV Array at Bayview Heights, Portland, ME