Energy Audits

Enabling intelligence-driven investments

A Bright Power energy audit provides you with a thorough understanding of how your building’s construction, energy systems, and operating practices impact consumption, comfort, and cost. We find practical opportunities to save energy and increase operating returns with building-specific improvements.

Our engineers visit your building and work with maintenance staff and tenants to assess the condition of all energy systems, including:

  • Heating and cooling systems
  • Lighting systems
  • Air distribution and ventilation
  • Hot water systems
  • Motors, fans and pumps
  • Building enclosure

The Bright Power energy audit process provides the foundation for intelligence-driven energy management decisions. With your energy audit road map in hand you’ll be ready to improve your building by retrocommissioning existing systems and installing more efficient equipment.

Bright Power is also the leading provider of NYC Local Law 87 auditing and retrocommissioning services. We guide you through the compliance process and uncover hidden opportunities to improve your building.