Revitalizing a Community Post-Sandy for L+M Development Partners
  • First Year Savings


  • NYSERDA Incentives


  • Energy Reduction


L+M Development Partners | We sought to revitalize Arverne View, then named Ocean Village, through a large-scale preservation initiative. Situated just steps from the water, Arverne View was not originally built to withstand the challenges inherent to its location. The 40-year old complex was designed in modules that gradually separated with age. Over time, the structural perforations throughout the complex resulted in recurring air and water leaks, which severely impacted all critical systems, not to mention operational costs and tenant comfort.

The depth of the issues identified at Arverne View necessitated a holistic approach, leaving no stone unturned to ensure that our solutions were complete and the results were long-lasting. Bright Power worked with L+M to develop a sustainability strategy that would address the symptoms and causes of the deep-seeded energy problems in all critical systems. We facilitated energy improvements that greatly improved residents’ quality of life to help stimulate occupancy and provide the owners with the capital they needed to keep Arverne View up and running for years to come.

Project Details

  • 36 kW battery storage
  • 36 kW solar PV systems
  • Installed EIFS exterior insulation and finishing system
  • Completed in-unit, exterior, and common area lighting retrofit
  • Overhauled ventilation system with ECM fans and energy recovery ventilators
  • Installed condensing domestic hot water boiler and booster pumps
  • Installed ENERGY STAR appliances in units
  • Implemented low-flow faucet aerators and shower heads

“Bright Power helped us work from the top down and from the outside in to properly enclose all of the buildings, shielding residents and building systems from typical weather and unexpected played such a crucial role in transforming Arverne View. We are thrilled to have implemented solutions that will keep this community thriving for generations to come." — Rick Gropper, L+M Development Director