Energy & Water Savings for CMC Through Retrofit
  • First Year Energy Savings


  • NJ Pay for Performance Incentives


  • Water Usage Reduction


Capitol Management Corporation | Located in Fords, New Jersey, Kensington is a 17-building, 800-unit complex of multifamily housing. Bright Power analyzed utility usage at the Kensington property using EnergyScoreCards, which enabled our team to identify underperforming buildings and prioritize further investigation through utility bill analysis. We then conducted energy audits for the entire property, with special emphasis on the areas of waste identified in EnergyScoreCards. Right away, our engineering team identified major opportunities to save water and reduce natural gas consumption across the board.

From there, Capitol Management Corporation (CMC) and Bright Power worked together to design and implement a turnkey installation of the recommended improvements. The scope of the project included substantial upgrades to the heating and ventilation systems, building envelopes, as well as the installation of low-flow water fixtures and low-flush toilets. These upgrades both addressed problems in the building and were aligned with CMC’s priorities.

Project Details

  • Upgraded boiler controls
  • Upgraded heating distribution system
  • Replaced exterior air vents
  • Sealed and insulated attics in all buildings
  • Installed almost four miles of weatherstripping and air sealing
  • Replaced exterior doors
  • Replaced toilets with low-flow units
  • Installed low-flow shower heads and faucets in all units
  • Extensive remediation of water leaks
  • Installed ENERGY STAR refrigerators and dishwashers in tenant units

"Bright Power handled everything from analysis to implementation, we couldn't be happier. We have significantly reduced the carbon footprint across the whole portfolio, we are spending less, and the improvements are extending the longevity of our buildings." — Jack Rehm, Facilities Manager