Energy Efficiency Projects

Optimizing Consumption, Comfort, and Cost

Once a building has been audited and the areas of waste identified during benchmarking have been thoroughly examined, it is time to move from finding to fixing.

At Bright Power, our intelligence-driven approach to energy efficiency means looking at the issues in a building holistically and implementing improvements that address the root causes of problems, not simply putting bandaids on their visible symptoms. Our design and implementation team provides turn-key installation services, spanning from the initial feasibility assessment to contractor selection and construction management.

A typical energy efficiency upgrade project with Bright Power will include several of the different measures outlined below, carefully selected based upon the conditions at your building to provide meaningful impact for your operating staff, your tenants and your utility bills.

Heating and Cooling Systems

When the windows are open in December, you know your building has a real problem. The causes of heating and cooling problems stem from a wide range of considerations, from a simple lack of controls to more deep-seeded system imbalances. Either way, it can cause owners and managers to experience unnecessarily high and often unpredictable utility costs.

– Steam Balancing

Buildings heated by steam often have wide temperature variations, where some areas feel as hot as saunas and others remain freezing cold. The usual result is excessive energy spend, as the entire building is overheated in order to improve comfort in the cold areas and the windows end up being opened in the hot areas to compensate.

Bright Power’s steam balancing services correct this problem by recalibrating the system to distribute properly, normalizing consumption, reducing energy costs, and improving comfort across all areas of the building.

– Controls

Our auditors often find that buildings are consuming an excessive amount of energy as a result of poorly controlled and operated systems. More often than not, this is the product of a broken or overridden control that allows a system to operate constantly and without regard for the building’s occupancy.

Improving system controls not only allows owners and operators to cut costs that stem from wasted energy, it also provides remote access operating schedules and performance data.


In the vast majority of buildings, energy- and water-related systems are intricately intertwined and impossible to effectively manage in silos. Bright Power’s energy audits all include a thorough assessment of the building’s water consumption and waste, an important area to highlight as the price of water continues to rise and governments are increasingly setting related performance standards.

Similar to energy efficiency, Bright Power implements a wide range of solutions that correct the deficiencies causing excessive water usage, from simply installing low-flow fixtures to finding and repairing hidden leaks throughout a building.

Energy Efficient Lighting

Lighting consumes 14% of all residential energy usage and simple upgrades can make a big difference in both operating cost and tenant comfort.

Bright Power’s lighting solutions include replacing existing bulbs with energy efficient alternatives, installing more efficient lighting systems, and implementing controls, such as occupancy sensors that prevent unnecessary use. Lighting upgrades implemented at the portfolio-level produce significant savings with relatively short payback periods.

Additionally, there are many available incentives for energy efficient lighting programs. Bright Power can help you navigate through the process of applying for and deploying these alternative funding sources.


Retro-commissioning ensures that systems in your building are calibrated and performing effectively. Increasingly mandated by state and local governments, retro-commissioning is one of the quickest, easiest, and highest-value efficiency improvements owners and operators can make in their buildings.

Bright Power’s intelligence-driven approach to retro-commissioning delivers reduced energy consumption, longer equipment life, and enhanced property values without requiring any significant equipment purchases or installations.

Once you have increased energy efficiency in your buildings, solar energy, cogeneration, and resiliency solutions can reduce your dependence on the electric grid and ensure that you have power even when there’s a blackout.
And the best way to ensure that your energy efficiency projects deliver the expected returns is with our MoBIUS service.