Energy Procurement

Enabling Budget Predictability and Price Optimization

Bright Power provides owners and managers with energy procurement strategies tailored to minimize exposure to volatile energy prices and proactively control costs. Our market experts actively monitor pricing and trends to inform intelligence-driven energy purchasing across portfolios. Our services include:

  • Property Consumption Analysis – We review your historical energy usage and demand, developing  property load profiles and models necessary to understand how you consume energy, and your best options in the retail marketplace.
  • Tariff and Product Assessment – We examine your current account terms and goals to find a rate structure and product that fits your organizational needs.
  • Supplier Appraisal – With a rigorous vetting process and supplier assessment, we make sure only reputable, reliable energy suppliers are involved in your energy-buying conversation.
  • Bid Management – Competition brings lower prices, and whatever your preference, live auction or blind-bid, we make sure a number of suppliers are competing for your business.
  • Contract Review – From dispute resolution to termination and billing terms, we make sure you receive fair, understandable terms without any unexpected costs or traps.
  • Portfolio Aggregation – By leveraging the buying power of an entire portfolio we’re able to secure the lowest rates possible for clients. We’re also able to combine the buying power of multiple organizations, as with the Bulk Energy Procurement Initiative (BEPI), a two-year pilot underwritten by grants from the JPM Chase Foundation and the Booth Ferris Foundation. BEPI is a collaboration between Housing and Services, Inc., a non-profit supportive housing provider, and Bright Power.

We help owners align energy procurement with their business objectives and realize predictable results.

Bright Power Procurement Clients Include